Summer Holiday Cooking Fun

By September 6, 2017Healthy Eating

During the summer holidays, the Go4it team has been busy keeping the children of Trebanog and Penywaun busy! One activity we ran in each area was weekly family cooking.  The aims of the sessions are to increase cooking skills and confidence with cooking, learning about food hygiene, cooking simple recipes from scratch and creating an environment to taste new and different foods.

We find that children who are fussy eaters will often try foods they have prepared and cooked themselves and eat things that they would not have tried at home.

One boy at the Penywaun session told us he hated salad and then proceeded to try peppers, tomatoes, cress and spring onions! He liked it all except for the sweetcorn, which he could not be persuaded to try!  One Mum said “I was very pleased as my boy tried foods he would never try at home”.

One week, we also made turkey mince burgers. The children enjoyed weighing and mixing all the ingredients and shaping the burgers by hand, and they especially loved eating them afterwards!  One parent said “It is a fab class where it gets all the children to try different foods and shows us different ways to cooking healthy meals”.

Of course in true Go4it style, the emphasis is on having fun! One week we made fun animals with different fruits which the kids can then eat.  This was a big success with kids of all ages whilst introducing them to some new fruits such as blueberries and kiwi.  One Dad said although “we are healthy people we realise we never get the kids involved in cooking, but we sure will now – Can we come again!!”

We’re in the middle of planning our next cooking course and finding the right location. Watch this space!

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